Black Kat and Kittens are undoubtedly one of the most original bands on the current European blues scene. On both acoustic and electric instruments, the trio uses raw, handmade country-blues, roots, gospel, folk and soul sounds to explore traditional and original compositions, awakening spirits and taking the audience on a journey through space and time.

The band began in 2013 with the meeting of Adam Sikora and Dvora Davis. After collaborating with different guitar players and other musicians from the Berlin blues scene (and a first recording, 2014’s Gypsy Life), in 2019 they recorded You Better Watch with guitar player Nick Morrison.


With wit and charm but especially with her expressive, dynamic and unique voice, Dvora Davis leads the audience through more than a hundred years of African-American music history. An English woman with Jamaican and Indian heritage, her singing is born from these roots, from her intense connection to the spirit-songs, and from the warm, playful energy of the band on stage.

The Polish-born musician Adam Sikora presents not only his excellent harp playing, taking you back to the origins of country blues; he also takes up the drums for part of their set and delivers vocals in his own personal style.   

The two founding members are joined by Nick Morrison, a French-American musician with an ecstatic, otherworldly guitar style. The result is a distinctive and dynamic sound that will capture and rock any house.

Line up
Dvora Davis - Vocal, Tambourine (UK)
Adam sikora - Harmonica, Drums, Vocal (Poland)
Nick Morrison - Guitar (USA/France)